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Hi Chris, Richard and Jenny,

Brendan and I loved our balloon flight, have been talking about it ever since. The whole experience was wonderful, and as you know Jenny, I had been waiting a long time to do it! Being involved with getting the balloon out and packing away added to the experience, and of course, the delicious breakfast and chat afterwards.

Somehow, it was all simpler than I thought it would be. Wonderful to be up there in the peace and quiet, and to have Chris’s commentary. I felt completely safe all the time.

Your balloon package is very professional, and I thank you all. Of course, I will recommend you to others. And I hope it isn’t too long before I am up in the air again! Thanks for the photos, a great addition, and I look forward to the video.

Thank you all! Brilliant!

Annie Fortune

A great birthday present.

I was a bit apprehensive at first about flying under a great big balloon filled with hot air. It didn’t take long however for pilot Chris and the crew to put me at ease. Everyone concerned acted very professionally and it was a truly pleasurable and exciting experience. The weather was perfect and the sightseeing of the Melbourne CBD skyline, the sunrise and the views of the SE suburbs were superb. Balloon flight is something everyone should experience at least once if they get the chance. I highly recommend BFOM if you intend to do so. The morning was topped off with a delicious breakfast at the Hyatt. Great way to spend a few hours.

Overall rating was – Excellent.



Dear Jenny, Chris and Curtis,

I am sorry for such a late message but I have just got round to it. I’d love to say BIG THANK YOU to all of you for such an incredible experience as a balloon flight over Melbourne. We enjoyed every moment of it. Everything was organised so well. I must say Chris is an excellent pilot as well as host and made us feel very safe and comfortable throughout the whole time on the balloon. We were so lucky to have a great couple with us to share the champagne breakfast at Grand Hyatt Melbourne after the flight. We had a really good time and had a nice chat with Chris and Curtis. Everything was just perfect!! Thank you once again! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!

Larissa & Romaric

Hi Guys,

We would just like to say thanks again to Chris and his team for a fantastic experience. Chris is a great host and getting to fly with him in his new balloon was absolutely a breathtaking and memorable occasion for my wife and I. We highly recommend your business to everyone and wish you all the best in the future.

Robert & Fiona Gillon, Tasmania

Hello Chris

I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience on 26 Sept 2014.

Our flight went off without a hitch and we really appreciated the fantastic photos you took of us all and the time-lapse video is a great reminder of our flight.

My husband and I have been on 3 balloon flights now – 2 in Perth and 1 over Melbourne and we have really loved every one of them. They have all been different as far as the scenery goes.

It is a fabulous experience. I think you must have the best job in the world. I keep telling people they should try it.

Thankyou for a wonderful time. This is an hour of my life I would like to relive over and over.

Kind Regards

Marlene Fuller

Hi Jenny,

I am writing to say a sincere thanks to you, Curtis and our pilot Chris for last Friday’s flight over Melbourne. Sandra (my wife) and I had an absolute hoot of a time-ticking off another item on our bucket list, that unfortunately has been fast tracked for us. Sandra has recently been diagnosed with motor neurone, and in a few months wouldn’t have been able to climb into the balloon basket-and when we lived in Melbourne (till April 2014) – it was always something we were going to do. Chris and Curtis made her (and my day), and certainly the pictures we captured, and the video have certainly made our friends and relatives sit up and add it to their list of things to do.

Many thanks

Peter Cocks

Hi Chris,

The balloon ride was incredible. All of the minor details were taken care of and the whole experience was seamless. Thanks for all of the little extras that tie it all together to make it truly special for first time balloonatics. Thanks for the flight and we wish you and the company all the best in the future.


The Lefevres - Steve, Lisa, Sasha & Shane

Fantastic flight over the city with Chris. The sunlight shining off the CBD buildings was spectacular. It was a great way to start the day. Chris and his ground crew Curtis are a lot of fun, while still running a very well organised and safe operation.


I loved seeing the sunrise – it was a beautiful morning and I thought the landing was great when the basket dragged along the ground.

Karen McGowan

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for making our 20th Wedding Anniversary a memorable experience that we will never forget. The whole package from the minute I made the booking until we left the Grand Hyatt after a magnificent Breakfast was extremely professionally organised. Chris was a terrific host as well as Pilot and his experience showed through with all the wonderful sites he pointed out along the way. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone and hope to one day take another flight. Thank you once again.

Steve and Marieka

Great flight to-day Chris, thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you to yourself & Joe, will definitely do it again. Can you please make it more exciting next time, like landing in the MCG? Just kidding. We loved it.

Ron & Jennifer Van De Walle

Hi Chris,

A quick note to say a big thank you for making our Mums 70th Birthday such a memorable one. Our flight over Melbourne was fantastic such a wonderful experience, not to mention the champagne breakfast what a way to finish off the morning!

We would recommend your flights to anyone.

Kelly. J, Darwin, N.T.

My husband surprised me with a balloon flight on the morning of my 30th birthday. From the moment we walked through the doors of the Grand Hyatt, everything was spectacular and memorable. Chris was an excellent host and pilot and we felt very safe and comfortable the entire time. Ballooning over Melbourne was everything I had hoped it would be and more… And the champagne breakfast at the end – heavenly! Thank you Balloon Man for making the beginning of this decade, the best one yet!

Kate and Ben

To The Balloon Man!

Thanks Chris, for a fabulous flight today!

For us, it was “third time lucky”. Our first attempt on 17th January, saw us rise very early and make it all the way to the launch site, only to have the weather and winds turn out to be less than optimal, and you made the decision not to risk it. We were happy to go with your expert judgement, and your intention to keep your passengers safe, above all other considerations.

The next date that we booked in March, was a no-go from the start…too drizzly, too foggy…and probably not enough wind….we re-booked, again.

And today, everything was perfect! A wonderful , clear autumn morning and most favourable breezes. We had a brilliant launch, a magical long flight, and a surprisingly soft landing!

We loved the peacefulness of the flight, the stunning sunrise, the fabulous views of Melbourne and the bay, the great camaraderie…not to mention the delicious 5* celebratory champagne breakfast…

Thanks Chris, for your piloting skill, expertise and care…and for making such a memorable experience for us all.

Best Regards

Margaret and Pierre Muehlheim, Macedon

Hi Chris,

Thank you for such a fantastic flight on Sunday the 21st of September! We were both absolutely thrilled that we chose to fly with BalloonMan – the entire experience was amazing from start to finish. It was clear that you are an experienced pilot by the knowledge you shared and the way you piloted the balloon; we felt completely safe throughout the flight and it is an experience we will never forget.

We will certainly be recommending BalloonMan to all of our family and friends, and hope to fly with you again soon.

Thanks again

p.s. sorry that I (Caitlin) kept putting my hand out in front of the camera!

Caitlin and Andrew

Dear Balloonman,

Thank you to give us a pleasant flight and wonderful time in melbourne 😁. The view from the sky….the sunrise and the city view are just amazing!!. We really have a great time at there and just perfectly with a nice champagne and breakfast with group. Balloonman also very welcoming, informative and a good leader pilot. He teach us how to prepare the flight. Thanks a lot to Balloonman and crew to give us a great time in Melbourne.

Best regards

Suryandi and Hera

We had a fantastic day all round!!!! Chris & Chris were fantastic… flight was simply amazing & breakfast a lovely way to finish the morning… can’t tell you how much we’ve been raving about it!!

Keep it up & will fly with you again one day!!


Janice Moore & Stuart Smart